Saturday, April 4, 2015

1349/Abysmal Dawn, 9 Feb 2015


Another extremely late post and there's not much to say. Wolvhammer opened the show and they were ok. Abysmal Dawn, one of the ones I came to see, opened next. Peter, my partner-in-crime, swore to me that he's never heard them before but after their performance he told me he wish he had.
Third band on stage was Origin and that's when the place went chaotic. The vocalist had ordered people to stage dive. This show was at a tiny bar called Siberia in New Orleans. The stage can barely hold a band, and this motherfucker was asking people to stage dive off it. And they did.
Finally 1349 took the stage. It sucked that Frost wasn't on drums. Unlike Origin, 1349 didn't have much of a stage presence. They just got up there, played, and got off. I hardly have any visuals of the show because my camera was still full from the Behemoth/Cannibal Corpse show.
I started to take a video of Abysmal Dawn but after a few seconds into the clip my camera reminded me that I only had a minute left. I ended up deleting a few pics just so I could have a short clip of 1349. Next time I'll be sure to have an empty memory card.

Morgue #5

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Morgue #6

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Cannibal Corpse/Behemoth, 28/01/2015

This post is extremely late, but it's better late than never I guess. Me and Peter arrived late to the House of Blues (it's either late or really early with him). Tribulation had already taken the stage and were on their last two songs when we arrived. Peter said they were better than the time we seen them at the Watain show, mainly because they were about to leave the stage. Aeon was next on stage and they played a decent show. Third band on stage was Cannibal Corpse and they were quite entertaining. No theatrics like Behemoth would display. Someone from the pit had thrown a flip-flop at Corpsegrinder in which he remarked how un-metal that shoe was and how he wanted to kill the guy that threw it. Finally Behemoth got on staged and it was awesome despite some dipshit screaming "Behemoth sucks." Afterwards I got to hear Peter bitch about how the House of Blues' equipment was absolutely horrible.

Halahkuh "Desecration"

What we have here is the debut EP from a fairly recently formed (2011) melodic death metal band from India. The first track on here is a short instrumental called "Ordeal." It's a slow, and fairly atmospheric track with some well played lead guitar work, but seems to be little more than a tone setter. "Possessed Strangulated and Enslaved" is sort of the bastard love child of Death circa Spiritual Healing and Dark Tranquillity circa The Mind's I. It's a fast track built around tight, melodic riffing sprinkled liberally with harmonized lead guitar work and rapid fire solos. "Sacrilege" is a bit more technical than the previous track with its syncopated rhythms and arpeggio laden intro. The middle section of the song has a pronounced metalcore feel to it with it's dominant machine gun-like breakdown. Appropriately enough, it also features guest vocals from Shashank Bhatnagar from New Delhi-based metalcore band Undying Inc. "In Extremis" begins with an Asian flavored guitar melody over a Meshuggah-like rhtyhm before giving way to some impressive solo work. The verse riffing leans on pedal drones punctuated with short, rapid legato patterns. Some counterpoint comes into play during the breakdown with the bass drums and lead guitar matching each other in short 16th note combinations over a steady 8th note pulse from the rhythm guitar. Things close out with a melodic arpeggio pattern played over a half-time groove. A promising start for a young band from a region that doesn't seem to get brought up routinely in discussions of quality heavy metal music.

key songs: Possessed Strangulated and Enslaved, In Extremis
score: 3/5

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The 69 Eyes

Blessed Be
released: 2000
rating: 3.0

01 Framed in Blood
02 Gothic Girl
03 The Chair
04 Brandon Lee
05 Velvet Touch
06 Sleeping with Lions
07 Angel on My Shoulder
08 Stolen Season
09 Wages of Sin
10 Graveland
11 30

Savage Garden
released: 1995
rating: 3.0

01 1-800-Sleazorama
02 Tang
03 Smashed 'N' Trashed
04 Velvet Touch
05 Mr. Pain
06 Lady Luck
07 Motor City Resurrection
08 Ghettoway Car
09 Wild Talk
10 Get It Off
11 Always
12 Demolition Derby
13 Savage Garden
14 1-800-Sleazorama (reprise)

released: 2004
rating: 3.0

01 Devils
02 Feel Berlin
03 Nothing on You
04 Sister of Charity
05 Lost Boys
06 Jimmy
07 August Moon
08 Beneath the Blue (ft. Ville Valo)
09 Christina Death
10 Hevioso
11 Only You Can Save Me

released: 2007
rating: 3.0

01 Angels
02 Never Say Die
03 Rocker
04 Ghost
05 Perfect Skin
06 Wings & Hearts
07 Star of Fate
08 Los Angeles
09 In My Name
10 Shadow of Your Love
11 Frankenhooker

Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
released: 1997
rating: 3.0
01 Call Me [Blondie cover]
02 D.I.D.
03 Broken Man
04 Get Around
05 Too Much To Lose
06 Sore Loser
07 Skanky Man
08 Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
09 Hellcity 1999
10 Turbobitch
11 L8r S8n

Paris Kills
released: 2002
rating: 3.0
01 Crashing High
02 Dance d'Amour
03 Betty Blue
04 Grey
05 Radical
06 Don't Turn Your Back On Fear
07 Stigmata
08 Forever More
09 Still Waters Run Deep
10 Dawn's Highway

Back In Blood
released: 2009
rating: 3.0
01 Back in Blood
02 We Own the Night
03 Dead N' Gone (ft. Benji Madden)
04 The Good, the Bad & the Undead
05 Kiss Me Undead
06 Lips of Blood
07 Dead Girls Are Easy
08 Night Watch
09 Some Kind of Magick
10 Hunger
11 Suspiria Snow White
12 Eternal

released: 2012
rating: 3.0

01 Love Runs Away
02 Tonight
03 Black
04 If You Love Me the Morning After
05 Red
06 I Love the Darkness in You
07 Borderline
08 I'm Ready
09 I Know What You Did Last Summer
10 When A Love Comes to an End

Wasting The Dawn
released: 1999
rating: 2.0
01 Truck On
02 Lay Your Arms Down, Girl
03 Wasting the Dawn (ft. Ville Valo)
04 You Ain't the Reason
05 Lazarus Heart
06 Who's Gonna Pay the Bail?
07 All-American Dream
08 Be My Speed
09 Hand of God
10 Next Stop Paradise
11 Starshine

Bump 'N' Grind
released: 1992
rating: 2.0
01 Voodoo Queen
02 Juicy Lucy
03 Alive!
04 House by the Cemetery
05 Hot Butterfly
06 Sugarman
07 Dream Master
08 Too Sick for You
09 No Hesitation
10 Blind for Love
11 The Hills Have Eyes
12 Barbarella
13 Burning Love

I kinda prefer their earlier sound. They didn't start shitting out decent songs until their later days but their last couple albums sound the same.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Down in New Orleans 29/11/2014

This post is late but that's what happens when I'm too lazy to hit the post button. Here's a video and some pics that I took. Enjoy.

Cretus opened the show and as far as sound-wise go, I'll pass on them. Their music sucked and with each song they went into I was restraining myself from yelling out "Get off the fucking stage." Of course they might not have heard me but at least my conscious would've been cleared. They also passed out a few demos to the crowd; luckily I didn't get a copy or I would have ripped them a new asshole.

Second band on stage was Trick Bag. The holy fucking hell is this shit? I kinda want to apologize to Cretus now. The guys come out wearing beanie masks and a pillowcase over their heads. They go into a song and you couldn't hear what the vocalist was singing because the sound guy needed to be fired. When the mic volume was turned up, that shit needed to be turned off.

Third band on stage was King Parrot. Despite their music sucking they put on one hell of a show. These motherfuckers are insane. They stripped down to their boxer briefs and the vocalist did a third of the performance out in the pit. The energy they displayed was the only thing they had going for them.

Last up was Down and damn did they take forever to get on stage. By this time there was a blanket of smoke hanging above our heads because everyone was finishing up their cigarette packs. This cloud and the heat from being packed in, I had to duck down and risk being trampled on just so I could get some fresh air. The air was so damn thick I was getting tunnel vision. When Down did take the stage they put on a great show. Phil was complaining about knee pain and had to sit down periodically. Some guy gave Phil his ID for some odd reason. Just like the intro they dragged out the outro. There was a guy that came on stage with bagpipes then Sean from White Zombie and a few others joined Down on stage to help bring the show to an end.