Friday, April 5, 2013


God Hates Us All (2001)
key songs: God Send Death, Seven Faces, Bloodline
rating: 4/5

Reign In Blood (1986)
key song: Raining Blood
rating: 3/5

Show No Mercy (1983)
key songs: Tormentor, Show No Mercy
rating: 3/5

South Of Heaven (1988)
key songs: Behind the Crooked Cross, Ghosts Of War
rating: 3/5

Seasons In The Abyss (1990)
key song: Seasons in the Abyss
rating: 2/5

Divine Intervention (1994)
key song: Serenity in Murder
rating: 2/5

Diabolus In Musica (1998)
key song: Love To Hate
rating: 2/5

World Painted Blood (2009)
key song: World Painted Blood
rating: 2/5

Hell Awaits (1985)
key song: Necrophiliac
rating: 2/5

Undisputed Attitude (1996)
key songs: Verbal Abuse/Leeches, I Hate You
rating: 1/5

Christ Illusion (2006)
key song: ?
rating: 1/5

I shouldn't have to say "from best to worst" because I'm sure you understand it by now. Is Show No Mercy a Slayer album or a Venom album? I couldn't tell the difference. Undisputed Attitude, even though it's cover songs, it's Slayer's attempt to piss off fans. And Christ Illusion... what the fuck was that? I don't know how much the new Slayer album's gonna suck especially when it's disputed whether Jeff's gonna be on it or not due to the problems he's been facing. At this point Slayer should just call it quits. Before you start arguing with me here's the thing... Jeff Hanneman IS Slayer. Who the fuck is this Kerry King guy? I love how my opinions are extremely different from the mass norm. On Metal-Archives, God Hates Us All has the worst rating but according to me it had a solid flow throughout it. In honesty, I don't give a fuck what these people say... especially when they praise shit albums. How the hell Hell Awaits got the highest percentile is beyond me. That album suffered the sophomore slump.

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