Friday, May 17, 2013

Blood On The Dance Floor

Evolution (2012)
key song: Unforgiven, Hollywood Tragedy
rating: 2/5

Epic (2010)
key song: Horrifically Delicious
rating: 2/5

All The Rage! (2011)
key songs: Happy Violentines Day, Bewitched
rating: 2/5

Bad Blood (2013)
key song: Crucified By Your Lies
rating: 1/5

Let's Start A Riot (2008)
key songs: I Can't Get Enuff, Libertine
rating: 1/5

It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinestone World (2008)
key song: S My D
rating: 1/5

When scenesters invade the dance floor... how the hell can anyone like this... um... "music"? The lyrics are comical and cheesy as hell that you can't take this serious-as-hell band seriously. This is bubble-gum, Hello Kitty, rape My Little Pony music. Their music videos are like a Troma film... but then that statement is a disgrace to Troma. What the hell is the appeal to this band? Apparently by reading the comments on YouTube the only thing the little kiddies like about this band is "omg there sooo hawt, lyk how can u h8 em?" This Dahvie chick (at least I think it's a chick) is the most annoying one. This is worse than the Insane Clown Posse craze. *Jayy's the fag with AIDS (or so that's what he says on "I Refuse to Sink" anyway) and I'm sure that ugly ass chick named Dahvie gave it to him. Bad Blood continues the same old shit of how BOTDF have no creative bone in their body and steals shit from other artists. WTF happened to PLUR? Telling people to eat shit and die on this album is not PLUR. Why don't you practice what you preach? Oh wait, you want your fans to die a slow painful death and listening to the songs you make are definitely painful.*


  1. Truth be told, I liked ICP back in the day. Dark Lotus though was my personal favorite of all of that label's music.

    But I'm not even going to listen to this. EVER. I'm not even interested. I'd rather listen to Flowers Of Disgust.

  2. ICP is actually somewhat enjoyable.