Friday, June 7, 2013

Inkubus Sukkubus

Vampyre Erotica (1997)
key songs: Heart of Lilith, Hail the Holly King
rating: 4/5

Beltaine (1996)
key songs: Pagan Born, Burning Times
rating: 4/5

Wytches (1994)
key song: Church of Madness
rating: 3/5

Belladonna & Aconite (1993)
key songs: Beltaine, I Am the One
rating: 3/5

Heartbeat of the Earth (1995)
key songs: Corn King, Sabrina
rating: 3/5

Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell (2013)
key song: At the End of the World
rating: 3/5

The Dark Goddess (2010)
key song: The Dark Goddess
rating: 3/5

The Goat (2011)
key song: Two-Penny Whore
rating: 3/5

The Beast with Two Backs (2003)
key song: I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head
rating: 3/5

Love Poltergeist (2014)
key song: At The Heart Of Darkness
rating: 3/5


Science & Nature (2007)
key song: Lie with Me
rating: 3/5

Wild (1999)
key song: Bright Star
rating: 3/5

Supernature (2001)
key song: Fey
rating: 2/5

Viva la Muerte (2008)
key song: Death Comes (The Wedding Night)
rating: 2/5

I was asked to do an Inkubus Sukkubus review and I quite enjoyed it... especially after reviewing some crap albums lately. Beltaine contains songs that was brought back from the dead. "Aradia" had the multiple singing at the same time. The chorus on "Catherine" was just annoying. The repetitive songs continued on Supernature. "I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head" is a cover in which Inkubus Sukkubus did a few others including a few Rolling Stones covers. Viva la Muerte, don't bother with it. *Love Poltergeist didn't offer anything exciting. It was a boring listen and doesn't make me want to go back and listen to it. This album is good for a sleeping aide if anything else.*

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