Saturday, November 16, 2013

Watain in New Orleans, 31/10/2013

I finally decided to upload my video clips and pictures I took when Watain played at Siberia in New Orleans all for your viewing pleasure. I couldn't film an entire song they played because of the pit. It was one of those moments you had to be there.

I went with Peter who provides a review of this show on his blog. He told me the show started at 7/8 which really it was like 9/10. It was after one in the morning when Watain finished their set. But since we arrived early thanks to Peter we got to see some interesting things in New Orleans on Halloween... like an obese guy riding a bike while dressed as a pink fairy. There was also a unicorn that came to the show.

I had thought about putting on my bumble bee costume for the show but decided I didn't want to fuck it up and left it home. A few weeks before I saw that costume in a store and it reminded me of Blind Melon so I had to buy it. (This is actually how I shop for things.) I ended up wearing my horns.

We arrived at Siberia around 6pm and our eyes beheld a group of guys in the tightest damn pants you can imagine. Peter kept making jokes about the guys having to be poured into their pants or if their pants were painted on. Turns out they were the guys from In Solitude. All night they were playing a game of "Follow the Leader" where if one member went somewhere the rest followed in a single-file line behind.

The first band on stage was a band I don't recall their name and they sucked so I don't care to know their name. During their set I dragged Peter to the merchandise table because I wanted my Watain shirt and to shield my ears from that band. There we met Jesus who read us bible scriptures. Damn, this guy is everywhere. Growing up in Mississippi you get force-fed this Jesus shit so I thought the one place I would be away from this shit was here at the show... apparently I was wrong. I want to apologize to that band now.

Second band on stage was In Solitude... the guys with the tight pants that makes me wonder if they have anything between their legs. It was during their set when Erik Danielsson came out to join the crowd. Of course I had to make my way over to him and give him a hug. Since Peter forgot to pack the rope my plans on kidnapping Erik didn't happen. Erik walks off and later in In Solitude's set I caught up with Erik beside the bar. Erik told me "Sister" was his favorite song then In Solitude starts playing that song. Peter told me if Erik liked that song then he has no taste in music.

Now that I was Erikless again the third band on stage was Tribulation. Well they were a little better but I wasn't that interested. During their set Hakan walks up and stands behind me in the crowd. We ended up having a staring contest until he walked away. I won that round.

Before the show I told Peter I wanted to be at the stage under Erik. After Tibulation's set was over and Watain was getting ready to go on, I made my way up to the stage and proclaimed my spot. When Watain's set began I ended up getting my wish when the pit pushed me onstage right into Erik. (Technically it was the amps in front of the stage that was stage level.) Throughout the rest of the show I was sitting on top of the amps and that's when I was able to take a few pictures and video clips of the band.

Peter was standing behind me at the start of Watain's set and what happened to him I have no idea. He later told me he spent the time being held in a half-sleeper headlock with one of Watain's roadies.

So I was mauled by the pit, got hit in the head with the mic stand (that part of the clip where Erik grabs the stand from the crowd), and when Watain's set was being taken down I got impaled on one of the inverted crosses with the pig's head. In all those bruises I received were well worth it and I got to walk away with a copy of Watain's set list and guitar pick.

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