Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Contaminated "Pestilential Decay"

Pestilential Decay is a four track release from a Death Metal band called Contaminated. For me things hardly rise beyond average. According to the download link that was sent to me, Contaminated are a Death Metal band, but I found the release to be a little directionally challenged. There are some signs of promise on here, like the intro to "Untold Depths" which seems to feature some rudimentary counterpoint. The part from 1:08 to 1:51 is fairly decent mid tempo Death Metal from the Obituary school. The opening to "Forlorn and Desolate" to about the 1:02 mark is good. 2:15 to the close is fairly interesting with its tempo fluctuations. The fast section of "Formless Wastes" from 1:50 to 2:59 is good. The problem with this band is, to me, the over application of Sludge Metal-like riffing. It just doesn't fit well alongside the faster sections at all. It's obvious in the slower sections of the first three tracks, but nowhere is it more obvious than on the last cut, "Pestilential Decay." For me, this track was about 2 minutes longer than it needed to be, and much of that was filled with crashing, ringing power chords that just felt like stretcher. I think if they stuck to mid paced to up tempo Death Metal, Contaminated have the potential to be a decent band, but this release is just too bogged down in what sounds like wanton Eyehategod worship. I know I haven't commented on the vocals yet, so I'll address them here. I can't offer a lyrical assessment as the production causes all of the instruments (vocals included) to lose a little in the way of attack and definition, but the delivery is good. It's low, guttural, and it fits the tone of the music perfectly. As the drumming goes, when you can pick it out, the drummer does seem to pull off some fairly interesting tom/bass patterns.

Score: 2/5

Key Songs: Forlorn and Desolate

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