Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Down in New Orleans 29/11/2014

This post is late but that's what happens when I'm too lazy to hit the post button. Here's a video and some pics that I took. Enjoy.

Cretus opened the show and as far as sound-wise go, I'll pass on them. Their music sucked and with each song they went into I was restraining myself from yelling out "Get off the fucking stage." Of course they might not have heard me but at least my conscious would've been cleared. They also passed out a few demos to the crowd; luckily I didn't get a copy or I would have ripped them a new asshole.

Second band on stage was Trick Bag. The holy fucking hell is this shit? I kinda want to apologize to Cretus now. The guys come out wearing beanie masks and a pillowcase over their heads. They go into a song and you couldn't hear what the vocalist was singing because the sound guy needed to be fired. When the mic volume was turned up, that shit needed to be turned off.

Third band on stage was King Parrot. Despite their music sucking they put on one hell of a show. These motherfuckers are insane. They stripped down to their boxer briefs and the vocalist did a third of the performance out in the pit. The energy they displayed was the only thing they had going for them.

Last up was Down and damn did they take forever to get on stage. By this time there was a blanket of smoke hanging above our heads because everyone was finishing up their cigarette packs. This cloud and the heat from being packed in, I had to duck down and risk being trampled on just so I could get some fresh air. The air was so damn thick I was getting tunnel vision. When Down did take the stage they put on a great show. Phil was complaining about knee pain and had to sit down periodically. Some guy gave Phil his ID for some odd reason. Just like the intro they dragged out the outro. There was a guy that came on stage with bagpipes then Sean from White Zombie and a few others joined Down on stage to help bring the show to an end.

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