Saturday, April 4, 2015

1349/Abysmal Dawn, 9 Feb 2015


Another extremely late post and there's not much to say. Wolvhammer opened the show and they were ok. Abysmal Dawn, one of the ones I came to see, opened next. Peter, my partner-in-crime, swore to me that he's never heard them before but after their performance he told me he wish he had.
Third band on stage was Origin and that's when the place went chaotic. The vocalist had ordered people to stage dive. This show was at a tiny bar called Siberia in New Orleans. The stage can barely hold a band, and this motherfucker was asking people to stage dive off it. And they did.
Finally 1349 took the stage. It sucked that Frost wasn't on drums. Unlike Origin, 1349 didn't have much of a stage presence. They just got up there, played, and got off. I hardly have any visuals of the show because my camera was still full from the Behemoth/Cannibal Corpse show.
I started to take a video of Abysmal Dawn but after a few seconds into the clip my camera reminded me that I only had a minute left. I ended up deleting a few pics just so I could have a short clip of 1349. Next time I'll be sure to have an empty memory card.

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